Monday, February 22, 2016

Snow, Santa and Fa-la-la

 In early November I went back to work and Maisy went to daycare.  I'll admit it wasn't the easiest transition. Maisy cried for two weeks pretty much all day long.  It broke my heart.  By the end of each week we were all exhausted and after a long day of work, getting dinner on the table, baths, and bed, the weekends were sooooo needed.

Here she is on her first day!  Wearing the same t-shirt Kiptyn wore when he started daycare.

 On photo day I was hoping she wouldn't cry....alas this is what they got.  
They didn't even attempt one without big brother.
Poor sweet girl.

Heading home was the best part of her day...

 As the weeks went on it became better and better until she rarely cried at drop-off,
and when she did it only lasted until I left the room.

Remembrance Day


We found out quite quickly that Maisy had a severe allergy to dairy.
Once she was officially tested we went home with an Epi-Pen.
She liked playing with the practice one.

Maisy came down with a five day fever just in time for her Christmas concert.
It was day four by the time they were to perform so I kept her home,
and brought her to the concert just in time to ring her jingle bells.

Despite probably feeling terrible, she was wild and joyful (thank Advil!) for the evening


And just as she recovered....Kiptyn got it


Dave and my Mom also had it for five days each but somehow I managed to steer clear....I have no idea how.
Once we were on the mend we attended Christmas parties and relaxed.



Someone didn't enjoy her visit with Santa

We tried again...

Nope...and again...

...almost.  But these were pretty darn cute!

 Leave this girl alone for one minute....

I finished off the year with a tap performance in our Christmas Assembly at school....
only 1/3 of these girls had ever tapped before....they did a great job!
I love my job.

 We shopped

Rode a float in the Santa Claus Parade

Wrapped gifts

Got Christmas haircuts

And got ready for the big day 

On Christmas Eve we feasted!

And made sure to put out Reindeer Food

Milk & Cookies for Santa

And woke up to pure Christmas JOY

We took it easy over the next week playing with new toys and spending a lot of quality time together as a family.  On New Years Eve we took the kids to a local party and then came home to ring in the New Year together.


Here's to 2015!!!